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A Thrill of Hope

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A Thrill of Hope

The word Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus which simply means “coming” or “arrival.” But when we use the word Advent, we are referring to the long-awaited arrival of Jesus Christ, who entered our world as a crying infant 2,000 years ago. Followers of Jesus have celebrated His miraculous birth (and the anticipation of it) for centuries during the season of Advent, which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. In this series, “A Thrill Of Hope,” we will be looking at pictures and symbols of Jesus in the Old Testament. These pictures paint our desperate need for hope as well as God’s gracious gift of hope and rescue in Christ.

December 18, 2016

Humble Rescue

Speaker: Josh Kouri Series: A Thrill of Hope

December 11, 2016

Thrill of Hope

Speaker: Steve Robinson Series: A Thrill of Hope

December 4, 2016


Speaker: Josh Kouri Series: A Thrill of Hope

November 27, 2016


Speaker: Andrew Burkhart Series: A Thrill of Hope